Completing home workouts is convenient, inexpensive, and effective. You don’t have to commute, you have the flexibility to fit them in and around your schedule and they can be done in your environment. Although these are definite pros, home workouts do come with some challenges. 

Below are some key considerations when preparing to commence your home workout journey. 

  • Remove yourself from distractions

When it comes to working out at home you need to remove and/or minimise the distractions, as these can potentially negatively impact your workout and your performance. Some big ones are; phone notifications, family, televisions and computers. Simple solutions; push your notifications, communicate with your family, turn off and or remove yourself from the spaces with televisions and computer. 

  • Designate a space

If you don’t already have a designated workout area in your house you’ll need to make one. Wherever this space is, make sure you have enough room to throw down a workout mat and ensure you’re safely clear from any obstacles. Make sure this space is as practicably possible removed from your distractions.  

  • Getting the workouts done

Although the flexibility of working out at home has many conveniences, it can very easy to simply miss a workout. Make sure you set workout goals and hit them. Schedule your workouts in your calendar. Find workout partners in your network and in our growing 1FR community. An option that works for us is to challenge your friends in our 1FR Group Training Mode. 

  • Keep your form

When working out at home your form is key. It is easy to let this slip. The last thing anyone needs and wants are injuries. If possible have a mirror in your workout space or occasionally check your form in front of a mirror. Remember to always be conscious of your form. Good form builds strength and gets results.

Remember. Time, age and cost are not excuses!