There are lots of myths floating around about bodyweight training and its benefits. Most of them are by those who haven’t even tried bodyweight training. But to put the naysayers in their place once and for all we have debunked their common myths. 

Myth 1: You can’t build muscle with bodyweight training.

This is rubbish! Muscle is built through resistance. It doesn’t matter how this is achieved, through weights or using your own body mass, your muscles don’t know the difference. Arnold Schwarzenegger was once asked if he prefers dumbbells or kettlebells – his response was ‘it makes no difference because the muscle doesn’t see what you are holding in your hands!’.  Resistance is resistance – end of story!

Myth 2: Cardio training burns more calories compare to bodyweight training.

More rubbish! Bodyweight exercises burn more calories compared to long-distance and slow-paced running. Any bodyweight training results in more muscle mass been used under resistance which in turn burns more calories. Additionally, our bodyweight workouts are designed to push you into the high intensity zone where you will get the added benefits of the afterburn effect which continue a long time after you have rolled your matt up. 

Keep in mind that training isn’t just about burning off those calories. It’s about staying healthy, increasing flexibility, mobility and stability which in turn will increase your longevity.

Myth 3: Resistance can’t be adjusted with bodyweight training.

Adjusting resistance has minimal impact. The key to training is to put your muscles under resistance in the first place. You will notice that when you complete a pushup the angle of your arms or chest will be slightly different from the beginning of a set compared to at the end. This in itself is adjusting the resistance on your muscles. You don’t need to add extra weights to your dumbbells to adjust the resistance!

Some final words: You will hear lots of people give their opinion throughout your 1FinalRound journey, ignore them all and do what works for you. If it is working for YOU then that is all that matters.