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Workout anywhere, anytime without equipment.

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The 1FR Algorithm personalises training programs just for you.

The only app designed specifically for 30+ year olds

Final Rounder,

It’s twelve weeks into the future. Look back. Did you smash it?

Now look forward. You’re at the beginning of that path to a fitter, healthier, happier you. But you’re not alone. With the assistance of our A.I Trainer you will be guided through a weekly workout program tailored to your fitness level. You will have the motivation and support of your fellow athletes around you, cheering you on, pushing you to exceed your limits; just as you encourage them to do the same and do 1 more round.

It’s time to level up. No more excuses. You know you can. It’s time for 1 Final Round.

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Take the guess work out of training with the 1FR Artificial Trainer. Workout anywhere anytime whilst our 1FR algorithm and Artificial Trainer design a tailored program specifically just for you.

Challenge your friends in the 1FR Group Trainer. Choose from a tier of fitness levels. Set the challenge for various timeframes. Receive notifications when your workout times are beaten.  Complete the weekly assigned workouts to unlock the weekly bonus round. It’s time to challenge yourself and your friends.

Whether your new to HIIT style workouts or a veteran, 1FR have tailored a range of workouts to test you. With over 65 different workouts, you will become stronger, faster and fitter.

Scientifically proven workouts

Why HIIT based workouts? The simple answer is ‘they work’ but don’t take our word for it. To date, over 1300 peer reviewed journal articles have been published demonstrating the health benefits of HIIT based exercise. Some of the key findings include the following:

  • ‘The improvements in physical function following HIIT can be utilised to reverse functional decline with aging’
  • ‘HIIT is an effective strategy to minimize the deleterious effects of sleep deprivation’.
  • ‘HIIT is the only training mode capable of increasing mitochondrial biogenesis, resulting in increased performance as well as in the treatment of chronic diseases.
  • ‘HIIT lowers blood glucose and increased exercise capacity, food intake, basal activity levels, carbohydrate oxidation and liver and adipose tissue insulin sensitivity’.
  • ‘20 sessions of periodised HIIT led to significant increases in VO2Max which were attendant with increases in maximal SV and CO’.